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Why do you love Toph? Or... Why is Toph awesome? (Newbie Post)

I noticed this community hadn't been updated in a loooooooooooooong time, so I decided I'll help get a conversation going!

Here's the question:
What makes Toph awesome?

I'll start:

-Despite the fact she's blind, she finds away around her disability, even uses it to her advantage. As someone with a learning disability, I find this very inspiring.
-Her earthbending style is very fun to watch and imitate.


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Ello, Communitiy! I;m working on my frist every Avater fanfiction staring Toph and Sokka ( though i may change it to Toph and Zuko) but i;m stuck and i was wrouning if anyone could help me? The story is based off the a song called ' Put that woman first'.

I welcome myself to the community.

As a 'hello' gift to the community, I present my two pieces of Toph-related fanfiction. Both of these are mostly worksafe, but there is a bit of sex in both. It's all off-screen and implied, so there shouldn't be any problems, but ye have been fairly warned.

For my first trick:

Title: Many Sleepless Nights
Summary: Toph can't sleep due to some...very active neighbours.
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And for my second trick...

Title: A Blind Girl's Secrets
Summary: Everyone has secrets. Toph has a few more than most people.

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fire spreading through the country

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Title: Earth Blends
Author: Sangi

Rating: G or PG

Pairing: Jet/Toph – it’s crazy, I know

Word Count: 100

Genre: Romance

Notes: This is my newest couple.


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I must be crazy! Crack!Pairing alert.
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The College I Should Have Gone To

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First post, first venture into the Avatar fandom.  And I bring drabbles!

Title: First Impressions
Characters: Toph, Aang, could be taken as Toph/Aang
Rating: G
Genre: Drama
Notes: Set during "The Blind Bandit"

Swing and a miss.

Title: Hidden Sound
Pairing: Toph > Aang, Aang > Katara
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, A Bit Of Angst

There are some things people shouldn't hear.

Title: What You Need
Pairing: Aang/Toph
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance

You can't always get what you want.

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